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"home" Wall Hanging, DIY

"home" Wall Hanging, DIY

     Welcome to my new blog! This is where I will post select projects to showcase some of the fun things you can do with furniture and home decor.

     Today's post will feature a Home sign I made from an empty frame, some barn board, and a decor sign I took from my house.

     I started with a basic picture frame that I had been working on and after a while I had the idea to spray paint it black. I chose spray paint because I wanted a glossy sheen to the frame.

Black Frame
Barn Board Backing

     Next, I had someone take some old barn boards , screwed them together with some wood cut-offs for backing, and nailed it into the frame.
     I set the nails in the frame and bent them to keep the boards in place. When someone purchases the piece, they may decide to change the sign, but use the same frame.        With the nails as they are, the backing can easily be removed without damaging the frame.

home unscrewed

     With the barn boards backing the frame, I took off the "home" sign's hangers so that it would be flush to the boards when I glued it on.

     Before I attempted to glue it, I made sure that I knew where to place the sign within the frame, so that it was as centred as I could make it. I did this with painter's tape after making my measurements and seeing where it sat. Centring something isn't always about whether the piece is centred within the frame. If that was done for this piece, then the "home" would sit much lower and would look less centred than where I have it here, in this picture.

home centring

     Being very careful not to add too much, I apply Titebond glue and set it on the boards to adhere.

glued sign
Setting to dry





     I made sure to wipe any glue that squeezed out from underneath the sign before setting the cans on top. The Titebond wood glue I used has a long "open" time, which means that it takes a while to dry if you need to move it about. I find this glue better to use for projects than something that would have a shorter "open" time.


     If you like this piece then feel free to leave a comment below, or even stop by our store in downtown Cloverdale! Come see what other things we have for you to discover!

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